Monday, June 27, 2011

New blog design which means....A WHOLE NEW BLOG! :)

BLUHM [bloom]
1. the flower of a plant.

–verb (used without object) produce or yield blossoms.
16. to flourish or thrive: a recurrent fad that blooms from time to time.
17. to be in or achieve a state of healthful beauty


Okay!....I Love my last name..its so pretty...and I love pretty things:) I sometimes think about when I have to change my last name.. and it just makes me so sad! My goal....To marry a guy with an AMAZING last name.  Of course thats not all I will be looking for in a guy.... but it helps:) I do know I dont want to have "B" for a last name. "BB"....or lets use my middle name..."BMB"... big mouth Brittany....or Brittany's mouths big. but.. I just want God's will.. So, I will stop being fussy.

Now that we have that covered... My blog will be on the things listed above above: Pretty things, people, life, hair, crafts, humor, anything and everything that's lovely!

Obvious reasons to why I picked these topics..
#1 Pretty things- I'm obsessed with anything pretty. Examples of what I find pretty. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage antiques, glitter, flowers, clouds, stars, bright colors, jewelry, headbands, wedding dresses, weddings in general, fabric, a great hair color&cut...or updo! and my list goes on:)....


#2 PEOPLE- I will be featuring people either weekly..or a couple times a month. We will see where it takes us:)

#3 LIFE-  God is the biggest part of my life....So EXPECT to hear about Him:)..because I LOVE to talk about Him. and all the WONDERFUL things He has done in my life....:) I will share experiences..and just AWESOME things about this life we live:)

#4 HAIR-  You may not know this.. but I'm a hair stylist... yes, I know.. sometimes my hair is a wreck, and I am sure you are thinking.." SHE IS A HAIR STYLISTS?!".. yes! It's true! I went to school for it. It was a passion of mine for sometime & I LOVE the artsy side of it... you can be SO CREATIVE and really just be YOU. I learned while in school you didn't have to follow the rules exactly..throw "you" into it. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT:) I took my own approach :) I still enjoy doing hair & I LOVE MY CLIENTS!.... I've learned a lot from it!

#5 CRAFTS- I have already talked about being artsy and creative but, I will expand on this... My mom is so CRAFTY! She is AMAZING at any crafty/creative thing you put in front of her. I LOVE having a mom like this & I'm so thankful she gave me a little of her crafty side:)...I hope to be doing A LOT this summer with crafts...& expanding my talent:)..and I will be pulling my mom into it. We already are booked for an ART SHOW in the fall!! So excited! :)
#6 HUMOR- I LOVE to laugh. I love to joke. I love to make people laugh!..I hate when a moment gets really intense (bad problems, fights, someone is hurt...etc)  so, I will say something to make people laugh... is it always appropriate? No...But...we need to have comic relief somehow. :)
#7 Anything&Everything that's Lovely- weddings, babies, Jesus, love, laughter, pictures, family, friends, places, art, and if I get to know you.....YOU! :).....etc.

    Well this is the end....But, I promise to be on here A LOT more & fill you in on all these topics!! :) I'm

Saturday, June 11, 2011

..My Own Strength Always Fails..

..A few weeks ago while still in the full swing of Master's...I was aware it would be coming to an end and summer would begin...and to most people they are excited for that "freedom". . No curfew, no covenant, no director or leader keeping you accountable, basically you get to do anything you want and not be in that "SAFE BUBBLE"....and I started to PANIC! Mainly because when I graduated from High School (having been there k-12)...I went into the "real world" and thats when I was removed from my bubble...I could do what I wanted and not have all the "rules" was like CULTURE SHOCK!...I was not prepared and grounded in Christ..I wanted to do what I wanted...and that was my downward spiral of not living for God...and experiencing the things of the world. . it ended up being the MOST MISERABLE time in my life. . .

  - -So here I am in Master's......In a BUBBLE again!...  I ENJOY this bubble and knowing it was coming to an end I started to feel uneasy about it and started doubting all the WONDERFUL things God had done in my life this year...everyday that graduation grew near..I had doubt rising in me...and faced the question "What if I fail?"....and that's when I just got before God..and cried out to him.. and through that process...He comforted me. and spoke such life to me. . .why was I doubting?... It was because satan hides in the shadow of MY STRENGTH and he LOVES when he catches me off gaurd and I fall on my face and buy into his lies..

  To be honest-I'm not at all confident in myself this summer. . I can't say that I wont mess up...But, I can say that I'm CONFIDENT in MY GOD. and that He wont let me go, and through HIS STRENGTH I will overcome my flesh.....and depend on God, when my weakness is in God, it becomes strength...not by me..but by God!

I pray for an INTENSE summer and that I will grow more these 3 months than I did in my 9 months of Master's. and I CHALLENGE each of you to lay down all your strength at the feet of Jesus. He can do so much more with it than we can....