Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Children are a BLESSING- especially to this AUNTIE! :)

I realize I haven't blogged since September and you know what? I don't feel that bad because I have been very busy...Well,  for the most part and when I do have free time, I only want to sit and do nothing. but today I was inspired. As you see- I changed my little header to "Bluhm (bloom) where you're planted. "  because BLUHM is my last name and right now in this season of my life I know I'm to Bloom right where I am. In EVERY situation.

So that's my update on my blog! AND NOW- I want to talk to you about one of my most TREASURED titles. "Auntie Brit"

I'm an auntie to five beautiful children.

Yes, FIVE is correct. But this first happen when I was 13 years old. I became an aunt to twin boys-
                                        Elijah & Jonah.
                     Elijah (curly hair) and Jonah (straight hair) Age:4 here

AHH! They are so CUTE! :)


I was so happy because I always wanted a baby brother or sister and this was the closest thing I got :) I remember the first Christmas we had with them I told my parents to spend more money on them and less on me. To me I was no longer the "baby of the family." and I was SO EXCITED to be an auntie. They were PERFECT in every way and they stole my heart the moment I saw them. and continue to do so EVERYDAY. they make me so proud and are growing up to be such HANDSOME, SWEET, AMAZING little men.

             Jasmine Rose

                                             Jasmine: 2 years old here

She came 3 years later. She is her own kind. A little fireball, spunky, shy, crazy, funny, a jokester and much more. She always knows how to make me laugh, even if she is trying so hard not to make eye contact and hold back her smile as I yell across the school in front of her classmates " JASMINE, I LOVE YOU!!.. Love me for who I am!"  She is BEAUTIFUL. and full of life. I love her so:)

              Jasmine (6 years old now) and I

                                                        VIOLET JOY

My birthday sake! Let's take a walk down memory lane: August 31st- My mom came in the room at 3:30 AM and said  " I'm going to Jaime and Cristy's! Cristy is in Labor and its your birthday!"
I jumped out of bed and started getting ready at 4:00 A.M. because 1. its my birthday ( had to get a start on my day) and 2. I was going to have a NIECE BORN on my BIRTHDAY! ( and there would be photos)
I went over to be with my mom at the house ( because the 3 other kids were still sleeping)  and I woke them up singing happy birthday to myself.

We got ready and arrived to mason city by 6:30 AM.

Went to Perkins and had a birthday breakfast.

and Somewhere around 7 something my brother called and said VIOLET JOY had been born at 7:00AM.

Crazy part? I was born at 7:03AM! so we are 23 years and 3 min apart.
                                                                 Auntie Brit and Baby Vi

                                                              With MY FOUR!

                                  Jonah likes to call her CHUBS. AHH! she is PERFECT:)


So as you can tell, Violet has captured my heart. and every time I see her. My heart gets happy and I can't help but kiss her a MILLION times. Her and I have a VERY special bond and it maybe because we have the same birthday or because we are both crazy:) She loves when I act all out of control. She sits there laughing and wants me to keep being crazy. I LOVE HER:) and I know we will be best buds!


        Judah Barton James


He's just a little guy. So sweet. and CUTE! I will never forget the first time I saw him. (as I write this I start to cry) I got to be in the room as my sister gave birth to this little man. It was the most INTENSE, CRAZY, Life changing moments! I think I went through EVERY EMOTION in that delivery room and as soon as he came out,  I started SOBBING and ran over to the table to get a good look at him and as he laid there SCREAMING loudly, He looked at me. and again, I fell in love. HE IS A STUD! and even though he lives a state away. He knows his auntie LOVES him so MUCH! :)

                                             When we first met:)

                                                   Auntie and BABY JUDAH!

                                           Isn't he ADORABLE!??!?!?!? =)

                                              I LOVE BABY "BART" :)   


        So here they are: MY joys

I thank God for these five and pray that they continue to grow up healthy and have a HEART FOR GOD! I also pray that I'm the BEST auntie to them and make sure they are always LOVED and spoiled:) But not the bratty spoiled of course!

SHOUT OUT TO my siblings that made this all possible: James&Cristy and Joel&Brook! :)