Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Children are a BLESSING- especially to this AUNTIE! :)

I realize I haven't blogged since September and you know what? I don't feel that bad because I have been very busy...Well,  for the most part and when I do have free time, I only want to sit and do nothing. but today I was inspired. As you see- I changed my little header to "Bluhm (bloom) where you're planted. "  because BLUHM is my last name and right now in this season of my life I know I'm to Bloom right where I am. In EVERY situation.

So that's my update on my blog! AND NOW- I want to talk to you about one of my most TREASURED titles. "Auntie Brit"

I'm an auntie to five beautiful children.

Yes, FIVE is correct. But this first happen when I was 13 years old. I became an aunt to twin boys-
                                        Elijah & Jonah.
                     Elijah (curly hair) and Jonah (straight hair) Age:4 here

AHH! They are so CUTE! :)


I was so happy because I always wanted a baby brother or sister and this was the closest thing I got :) I remember the first Christmas we had with them I told my parents to spend more money on them and less on me. To me I was no longer the "baby of the family." and I was SO EXCITED to be an auntie. They were PERFECT in every way and they stole my heart the moment I saw them. and continue to do so EVERYDAY. they make me so proud and are growing up to be such HANDSOME, SWEET, AMAZING little men.

             Jasmine Rose

                                             Jasmine: 2 years old here

She came 3 years later. She is her own kind. A little fireball, spunky, shy, crazy, funny, a jokester and much more. She always knows how to make me laugh, even if she is trying so hard not to make eye contact and hold back her smile as I yell across the school in front of her classmates " JASMINE, I LOVE YOU!!.. Love me for who I am!"  She is BEAUTIFUL. and full of life. I love her so:)

              Jasmine (6 years old now) and I

                                                        VIOLET JOY

My birthday sake! Let's take a walk down memory lane: August 31st- My mom came in the room at 3:30 AM and said  " I'm going to Jaime and Cristy's! Cristy is in Labor and its your birthday!"
I jumped out of bed and started getting ready at 4:00 A.M. because 1. its my birthday ( had to get a start on my day) and 2. I was going to have a NIECE BORN on my BIRTHDAY! ( and there would be photos)
I went over to be with my mom at the house ( because the 3 other kids were still sleeping)  and I woke them up singing happy birthday to myself.

We got ready and arrived to mason city by 6:30 AM.

Went to Perkins and had a birthday breakfast.

and Somewhere around 7 something my brother called and said VIOLET JOY had been born at 7:00AM.

Crazy part? I was born at 7:03AM! so we are 23 years and 3 min apart.
                                                                 Auntie Brit and Baby Vi

                                                              With MY FOUR!

                                  Jonah likes to call her CHUBS. AHH! she is PERFECT:)


So as you can tell, Violet has captured my heart. and every time I see her. My heart gets happy and I can't help but kiss her a MILLION times. Her and I have a VERY special bond and it maybe because we have the same birthday or because we are both crazy:) She loves when I act all out of control. She sits there laughing and wants me to keep being crazy. I LOVE HER:) and I know we will be best buds!


        Judah Barton James


He's just a little guy. So sweet. and CUTE! I will never forget the first time I saw him. (as I write this I start to cry) I got to be in the room as my sister gave birth to this little man. It was the most INTENSE, CRAZY, Life changing moments! I think I went through EVERY EMOTION in that delivery room and as soon as he came out,  I started SOBBING and ran over to the table to get a good look at him and as he laid there SCREAMING loudly, He looked at me. and again, I fell in love. HE IS A STUD! and even though he lives a state away. He knows his auntie LOVES him so MUCH! :)

                                             When we first met:)

                                                   Auntie and BABY JUDAH!

                                           Isn't he ADORABLE!??!?!?!? =)

                                              I LOVE BABY "BART" :)   


        So here they are: MY joys

I thank God for these five and pray that they continue to grow up healthy and have a HEART FOR GOD! I also pray that I'm the BEST auntie to them and make sure they are always LOVED and spoiled:) But not the bratty spoiled of course!

SHOUT OUT TO my siblings that made this all possible: James&Cristy and Joel&Brook! :)




  1. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I love this post, Britty!!!!! They are soooo so precious & I love them all so dearly as well. What a great auntie you are! LOVE YOU!

  2. Such a sweet post! Love it and you made me tear up knowing you were tearing up lol!

  3. Awwww britt you really are one of the best Aunties in the world!!! God has given you such a sweet heart for children.And we are so blessed to have you in our lives! I love you:)