Thursday, May 16, 2013

ENCOURAGEMENT in the Body of Christ

---> Being encouraged, believed in and Knowing that people want to see the BEST in my life has greatly impacted me.God has blessed me beyond measure with family and friends who come along the side of me and have encouraged and pushed me. I know my relationship with God would not be where its at without discipleship and encouragement/being believed in.

We are called to be the BODY of Christ. To walk together hand in hand. Lifting each other up. Encouraging, cheering and being real with each other. Moving forward- to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

But today satan has a different plan. If we aren't a body of Christ, we are just a body--> One person. and that's when its just about us- we get so wrapped up in our life. We don't have enough time for others and if we do we only want to spend our time with who we want to be with. We are selfish. ( and I'm guilty of this too)

We are all hurt, broken people. None of us have had the PERFECT life. We are all sinners saved by grace. and although our circumstances maybe different. We are not at all. 

I've messed up time after time and have experienced forgiveness and grace from both God and my leaders. and without it I wouldn't be in this spot.

So, when I look at others- God reminds me to look through eyes of grace.
Remembering I've been there and if I don't come along the side of them and encourage- I may never have another opportunity to run this race along the side of them.

The past month I've been on the road traveling with my Master's team. We've been to Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and of course Iowa-  and all the places we have been we've met people from so many cultures and living conditions and they are all at different places in their life.

I had to just take time to process it all- and to see the importance of life and how I was living.

I don't want to live to get the best material things or to have better fashion than the person next to me..

I don't want to be caught up on the latest gossip of my friends or the people in my church/town..You see- if we were a true encourager- we would STOP what is being talked about and go to that person and help them. (whenever there is drama among our friends, I don't care if  you are young, or old- it all has to with someone being hurt/brokenhearted /insecure) they NEED the LOVE OF JESUS- and you! The words you speak are life or death. Choose life. 

I don't want to see myself as better than anyone and look down upon the people God has called me to encourage and lift up-

I'm not called to one ministry. I'm not called to keep up with the latest trends, I'm not called to be about Brittany Bluhm.

 I'm called to show people Jesus. To encourage them. To walk beside them and hold them when the enemy attacks.

I believe with all my heart that if we would take the time to put aside these little things that build up walls between us we would see change in our world. If we could start looking through eyes of grace and coming down to the level of those who are hurting and help them find the HEALER- and walk with them as the BODY OF CHRIST-

we would be unstoppable for the kingdom of God.

So today I just want to encourage you to be the member of the Body of Christ who is going to move- be active. Think: who around you needs to be lifted up? Who is feeling shame and needs to know they are not being condemned- but can be forgiven. Who needs to know they are not alone on this journey?
Let's take back what the enemy is trying to steal and be THE BODY of CHRIST!

Encourage. Love. Bear each others burdens. and  Rejoice with one another.

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