Monday, September 26, 2011

Please Forgive me for my SLACKINGNESS

You see...Master's Commission started the beginning of this month so it has been NON-STOP busy moments!

Uh...Did you hear what I said? MASTER'S STARTED!

so- I will talk about Master's......

I'm expecting great things for this year! Relationships with God to go deeper, Restoration in our hearts and thoughts, Victories to be won, Strongholds to be broken and all together LIVES CHANGED for the kingdom of God. That we will take up the call and be a disciple.

                                                             Our TEAM:)

 This year we have 2 first year students and 2 second year students. and It's a BEAUTIFUL thing... I love the smallness and closeness of the group. I can already see God doing so much in each of their lives and it makes me SO HAPPY!!

UH HUH! That's me being excited & THIS IS DANAE my fellow second year"er".
She is always such an encouragement to me and it's been so awesome to see her grow the past year! I can't wait to see what is in store for her. I know it will be amazing. She is beautiful inside&out:)

  This is MISS REBECCA!..She is our young buck...our little grasshopper.  :)
 She brings a smile to my face and always is inspiring me to keep on telling jokes.(not always a good thing because my jokes can get me in trouble;) But I'm so blessed she is here and expecting God to do GREAT things in her life this year!! SHE IS WONDERFUL!!

  This is Mr. Jeremy Pietens. He is from he has a PRETTY SWEET sounding acce--ACTUALLY... I would call it an accent..but he says we have the accent & talk its a lose-lose situation...Dontcha Know?! And dont be deceived by this picture.. He DIDN'T enjoy this Pig tie. Beka and I gave it to him because it made sense to us....PIG SOOOOOOOIE!?!?! I guess not.  Anyway- Its been awesome having him here. He is a good balance to our mix. And has such a servants heart! I'm also so EXCITED for all God is going to do in his life! Ohhh...and.. He is an awesome drummer! :O


As for me I'm LOVING every moment of it. I know that God has so much He is going to do in my life this year. Another year of cutting things from my life....Yep, there has already been times where it "stings"...But I know God is taking me through these moments and all I have to do is DEPEND on Him and HIS strength. He has never let me down. He is faithful. He is GOOD!

  And I'm sure you are wondering about our wonderful Directors!?

HERE THEY ARE... Such a good looking couple:) && I'm honored and blessed to have them as my spiritual leaders!! They are SO LOVING. ENCOURAGING. and AMAZING. :)  *shout out* Thanks for all you two do & for the Sacrifice you have given to follow the call of God upon your life!  you both are SO STRONG! Thanks for ALWAYS loving me! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Well that's all I have for now. But prayers are appreciated for our team:) GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Life is LOVELY in Iowa&&Master's Commission,



    I love you! Thanks for being YOU!

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