Monday, August 13, 2012

Do our feelings dictate how we serve God?

Here I am jumping up and down screaming "YES! YES THEY DO! " okay, I'll calm down.....

So.....The dictionary tells me that

"Feeling" (adjective) is : sensitive; sentient.
readily affected by emotion; sympathetic: a feeling heart.
indicating or characterized by emotion: a feeling reply to the charge.


"Emotion" (noun)  is an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.

 If you know me.. you know I have A LOT of emotions. So, I suppose you can call me an "emotional girl". and NO... not EMO (beka;) and I know most girls hate being called emotional..but we have to just get over it. and be happy we feel everything:) :) *take note: Don't take things too personal or be overly sensitive..but be sensitive to peoples feelings..... and I will stop because this blog isn't focused to only emotional girls. Ha. okay!

But, when I'm happy I will laugh. When I'm overjoyed I will probably be creepily smiling in my own world. When I'm sad you will be able to see it in my eyes, and I most likely will cry. When I'm angry. I will punch the first person I see. Okay... Actually I've never really punched anyone. So, forget that- But, when I'm angry I will probably look angry and have an attitude problem. and my flesh...even though I have to pray against it daily and sometimes 72 times a day. It on occasion comes out. But by God's grace- I'm a work in progress!

Anyway- So, me being the emotional person that I am. It's easy to live my life on FEELINGS. and a lot of the time I do. When I wake up in the morning I have to tell myself not to live on feelings. and that usually gets me out of bed. Because otherwise, I would sleep until noon. and would NEVER work out. I would eat lots of carbs and go to dairy queen for a blizzard daily. and I would do whatever else MY FEELINGS wanted. Instead of doing what I knew I had to do or what was right to do.

A lot of the times, we let our FEELINGS dictate how we are going to serve God.

Our relationship with God is so much more than just a feeling. It's more than a hyped up worship service with lights flashing and every instrument going.  It's more than just attending a weekly church service. or conference,  It's more than just calling yourself a Christian.

It's surrendering yourself daily. 

---> I can go to an AMAZING church service. The presence of God is there and in that moment I know there is no place I want to be but right there. God always pours out his goodness on me and sometimes either shows me something in my life that needs to be changed, or something He wants of me. And every time, I'm ready to change. I no longer desire things of this world and all that matters to me in that moment is GOD. and I will serve Him no matter what.

All those things ^ They are true. and you maybe thinking- That's an emotion or feeling you are going off of in that moment. But what I'm trying to get across is, that we cant take this emotion or feeling and just LIVE OFF OUR EXPERIENCE. Because we were created to SERVE God NOW...and in the moments of being in His presence, It encourages us to go after Him and to continue to walk in His fullness.

In our daily life it can get hard because sometimes we don't always feel God and maybe we are going through a dry season but those are the moments you really have to fight your feelings, and choose to serve God. To read the bible, and to pray. to SURRENDER. and to remain faithful. and the world will tell us otherwise because world doesn't understand. The world isn't cheering for us to live a Holy life, consecrated to God. Satan is in the world, distracting us, discouraging us and wanting to destroy our life so we can't tell the world about a loving God. and we forget about what God showed us or changed in us and it start's to be about how we feel again, and not about the truth. and I've been in this spot more times then I can count.

But when it's about God I find Joy. I find peace, I find contentment. The things of the world pass away. and my emotions aren't about me. It's about living my life completely for my HIM.  ---> Let me decrease so that HE may increase.

Serve Him because He is WORTHY. He LOVES us even though we fail daily. He died for us so that we can live with Him for eternity, He delights in us, He is always faithful. and I know, & have experienced that His plans are far greater than ANYTHING!



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