Friday, January 11, 2013

I did absolutely nothing and He chose me because of love.

I'm not going to promise to be consistant on here.We all know how many times I have apologized for blogging only twice a year.

But, I will blog when God lays something on my heart to share and I know that if God is involved it's what  someone needs to hear.

It makes me so happy to know that I serve a God who cares. Who is faithful and loving. Who has given me so many chances and has covered me with grace. Who keeps on pursuing after me and has CHOSEN me to be his daughter.

YES- He Chose me.

That just BLOWS my mind. ---> GOD CHOSE ME. He has captured my heart and brought me to the place where I get to LOVE him with ALL of my heart, soul and mind.

I get to move the heart of God with my praise, my love, and my adoration to Him. He delights in it.
and you know what!? I didn't have to do ONE THING to deserve this love.

I think about celebrities...and athletes who the world will OBSESS with. ( I've had my share of celebrity crushes...and athletes) But when we think about it.. HOW SILLY. They are people. They are NOT my GOD. Although, I could worship them like they are and yes, people do-  They want their autograph. They will do anything to get a chance to see them in person. and then the real crazies CRY when they get into the presence of them. . . . and what do those moments do?

Do they change our life? ( maybe if we are obsessed enough)
Are we made complete and found our hearts desire?
Have we found the thing that will sustain us?
Are we going to be able to change other peoples lives in the eternal perspective of things? 

No to all of the above.

But I worship and serve God- The King of Kings, The Creator of the Universe, My Saviour.... and with Him I see hope arise. I see lives that are broken- healed. I've experienced a love that NEVER fails. I'm made complete and whole. I'm changed forever.

 He CHOSE me and I'm forever Grateful!


  1. Loved this, my beautiful cousin! He is so good. LOVE YOU <3


    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. My heart desperately needed to hear these reminders of the truth His is amazing love.